BOSNIA (2022)- Fauna- weasels (4v)

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The family of martens (Mustelidae) includes a large number of species. Among others, there are beech martens and pine martens, weasels and European polecats. They are bloodthirsty and voracious, but also useful because they destroy harmful small rodents.

The beech marten and the pine marten are very similar and live in the areas of the same countries. The beech marten is smaller than the pine marten, and its legs are relatively shorter and lower. The fur coat is shorter and slightly lighter brown, and the spot on the chest is white. The fur of the pine marten is dark brown, with a golden-yellow spot on the lower side of its neck. The beech marten often settles near human settlements, while the pine marten avoids them because it likes secluded wooded areas. Both are equally agile, they skillfully climb and jump on trees, swim well and successfully crawl through cracks.

The weasel is a slender animal with a long tail and short legs. Its fur is reddish-brown, lighter than in most animals of their genus. It lives near rural estates, on meadows and forest edges. It is active at night, but can sometimes be encountered during the day. It lives a solitary life.

The European polecat has an elongated body up to 40 cm long which is dark brown on the back, and lighter on the belly. It defends itself from enemies by squirting stinking secretions from the anal glands. It lives in fields, meadows and swamps. (Željka Šaravanja)

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