BOSNIA ( 2022)- Comics Sheet of 4v

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The existence of comics is associated with the emergence of mass media. Although it initially existed as additional entertainment for newspaper readers, it soon became an independent medium or, as one likes to say, "the ninth art".

At the beginning of 1997, the first comic magazine began to appear in Republika Srpska. The first issue of the magazine "The sad Notebook" appears in the edition of the house "Media-centar Prelom" in Banja Luka.

During 2007, the "First Exhibition of Serbian Comics" was set up in Laktasi, and in 2008 the first comic book salon was held - "Laktasi 2008".

The Association of Comic Book Authors and Comic Book Fans of the Republic of Srpska "Ninth Dimension" was founded in Banja Luka in 2011, which brings together professional cartoonists, screenwriters, publicists and comic book lovers in the Republic of Srpska. In the same year, this association started the comic magazine "Parabellum".

The first International Comics Salon "Ninth Dimension" in Banja Luka was organized in 2018.

By issuing this postage stamp, the Post of Srpska wanted, in a unique way, to promote this unjustly neglected type of art, and to point out many successful comic artists from our area.

The author of this edition is Dejan Sijuk, a graphic designer and illustrator from Banja Luka. He has been doing comics professionally for 20 years. He has won many awards and recognitions for design, illustration and marketing campaigns.

Author: Dejan Sijuk

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