Greetings From America Postage Stamps

Greetings From America Postage Stamps

April 4, 2002 marked a first in United States postage stamp history. It was the first time ever that a new commemorative postage stamp was ever issued on the same day in every single state’s capital city. It was called the “ Greetings from America” stamp set, which makes the country wide release really quite apropos when you think about it.

At the time, the pane of fifty postage stamps was the first to be released in 10 years and it was anticipated that, like with previous issues of its kind, this one would be quite successful as well. These Greetings from America postage stamps provide unique information about each state. Flora, fauna, state names and local points of interest are all placed together in a delightful little picture on these 34 cent self adhesive postage stamps.

A fun promotion also went along with this stamp program. The Travel Industry Association of America partnered with the USPS. They sponsored a national program called “Win Your American Dream Vacation” where people could enter a contest to win a one week dream vacation. All fifty states participated and winner from each state was chosen to have a free vacation.

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May 8th 2017 Alex Birman

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