SP. ANDORRA (2020)- Popular Culture- Wolf Collars

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Wolf collars are neckpieces made from iron and covered in spikes that are fitted to the necks of sheep dogs to arm them against attacks from wolves and other predators.

They were sometimes manufactured using leather in which the iron tips were embedded, therefore protecting the neck of the dog.

It is likely that its use goes back to the times when the canis lupus, grey wolf, was tamed by man to help with the livestock activities, i.e. leading and defending herds, and when hunting, by helping to track, chase and capture the prey. When carrying out these activities, it was essential to have a device to defend the animal from attacks by wild animals that could otherwise culminate in death.

Human beings have also shown appreciation of a dog’s ability to defend people and their homes and, above all, the company a dog generously provides.

The stamp shows the illustration of a wolf collar forged entirely of iron next to the silhouette of a howling wolf.

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