FRANCE (2022)- Jeanne Moreau

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Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017
About Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

Jeanne Moreau was not twenty when she took part in the first Avignon Festival in 1947. Committed to the Comédie-Française, joining Gérard Philipe and the troupe of the TNP, a successful actress on the Parisian stages, she also became a screen star. Decisive is his meeting with Louis Malle who offers him Ascenseur pour l'échafaud... The next film, Les Amants (1958), makes him an internationally renowned star. The adaptation of Moderato cantabile by Marguerite Duras by Peter Brook in 1960 earned him an interpretation prize at the Cannes Film Festival. She then toured with great filmmakers: Antonioni (La Notte), Losey (Eva), Demy (La Baie des Anges), Buñuel (The Diary of a Chambermaid), her most emblematic role remaining that of Jules and Jim where François Truffaut wanted her to sing the famous Tourbillon de la vie.

Several times she plays for Orson Welles who sees her as the best actress in the world. She excels in all registers, shares the Viva Maria poster! with Brigitte Bardot, but most of her choices are directed towards drama (Mademoiselle, The bride was in black). The 1960s confirmed her talent as a singer and in the 1970s she embarked on directing (Lumière, L'Adolescente). She is said to be free, curious, passionate, demanding, modern, anti-conformist, elusive too... In the cinema (Blier, Téchiné, Kazan, Fassbinder, Wenders, Angelopoulos) as in the theater (where she triumphed at the end of the 80s with Le Story of the servant Zerline), Jeanne Moreau multiplies the essential encounters. Without ever being jaded, she retains the freshness and enthusiasm of her beginnings. Neither prizes nor honors (she was the first woman to enter the Academy of Fine Arts) could make us forget the simplicity and humanity of this ambassador of the seventh art who was always driven by a strong desire transmission.

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