When Was The Last Time A Stamp Sang to You?

When Was The Last Time A Stamp Sang to You?

County Stamp Center has a category called "Strange and Unusual" to define stamps that fall outside the usual one-dimensional pictorial commemorative.  These stamps can have scents, 3D type motion, heat sensitive inks, hidden messages revealed under ultraviolet light, or unusual textures.

Switzerland's most recent stamp celebrating the centenary of the Swiss Music Copyright organization "SUISA" breaks new ground in this category. This stamp that can actually play music! The special feature of this stamp: you can scan it with the Swiss Post-App to hear an audible surprise.

SUISA collects these fees for its more than 40,000 members in Switzerland and over 2 million musicians around the world – for example, on behalf of composers, lyricists and music publishers. It also licenses venues that benefit from music played in public, such as the club, bar and radio station depicted on the special stamp, bringing in around 130 million francs every year on behalf of musicians.

Thanks to these fees, musicians are paid for their creative work every time their music is used in public. For over 100 years, this organization has been a vital support for all musical artists assuring proper compensation for their creative works. It is something special to celebrate, and including this musical stamp to your collection will not only add something unique and usual, but will have you celebrating SUISA's accomplishments and having you sing : “Happy birthday to you...”.

Oct 3rd 2023

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