We are often asked, "What is the most expensive stamp you have ever handled?"  The value of an individual stamp can depend on a number of factors, but what is most important to keep in mind is, stamp collecting is a hobby and its true value is not by viewing stamps as an investment vehicle, but as a keepsake that provides a testament to a hobbyist's interests and passions.

Why Is it Important to Have  U.S. Classic Stamps in Your Collection?

Highly sought after stamps of the early 20th Century offer a glimpse into our nation's history and culture. Historic events such as the Chicago's 1893 Columbia Expo and 1898 Nebraska Trans-Mississippi Exposition were celebrated with release of special commemorative issues.  Historic events such as the Louisiana Purchase, Revolutionary War battles, Byrd Antarctic Expedition of 1933, and Olympic Winter games of 1932 commemorate significant events that shaped our nation's political, cultural, and economic development.

Collections that include some of the earliest issues of the late 19th Century such as #1- The 5c red brown Benjamin Franklin, #2 the 10c black George Washington are often found in advanced comprehensive and complete U.S. collections.  These items can cost thousands of dollars.  They are very rarely found in beginner collections or in collections where serious efforts were expended either to purchase these items in auction or by recognized U.S. stamp experts are not evident.

Today, many of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century classics are readily available and can be purchased at reasonable prices.  Without spending thousands of dollars, adding such classic sets as the Trans-Mississippi Expo issue or the Columbian Expo issue of 1893  can greatly enhance the overall value of a collection.  One can readily purchase the lower values of the sets, used sets, or slightly flawed sets for hold as "fillers" until the right opportunity arises to invest in higher value copies.

 Many U.S. Classic stamps have similar designs, with subtle variations in printing or grills. As a new collector, it’s essential to understand that not all stamps are valuable. While some U.S. Classic stamps can fetch significant prices, others may have a similar design but much less value.  It's important to consider factors such as centering of the stamp, the gum (back) condition, and perforations in determining a stamp's value.

A collection's value can be greatly enhanced with addition of U.S. classic stamps,  however, it’s important to note that not all stamps appreciate in value over time.  U.S. classic stamps will always be sought after.  Their retail value will depend on a number of factors including the present economy, demand for collectibles in general, prices realized in specialized auctions, and availability  of issues on auction sites such as Ebay.  .

U.S. Classic stamps offer a unique opportunity for personal expression and creativity. Building a collection that reflects your interests and passions can be immensely satisfying. Each stamp tells a story and contributes to a larger narrative of American history and culture.

We invite to you view the US Classics that County Stamp has available. These stamps are offered at very competitive prices and we guarantee proper identification of all items.  Some items are being sold with independent expertising certificates.  There are great opportunities for you to add something very special to your U.S. or international collection.

Sep 27th 2023

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