US (2023)-OSIRIS-REx Space- Sheet of 20 Forever Stamps

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Celebrate space exploration with this new OSIRIS-REx stamp from the U.S. Postal
The stamp shows a capsule containing a sample of the asteroid Bennu parachuting
down to Earth. This is the final step in NASA’s 7-year mission to study and map the
asteroid. The sample will help scientists learn how our solar system formed.
On the left side of the pane 4 images illustrate crucial milestones in the OSIRIS-REx
mission. On the reverse side text describes the mission and explains each image.
Asteroids are time capsules that preserve the earliest history of our solar system and
may contain chemical signatures of the building blocks of life. Scientists from all over
the world will study the pieces of Bennu.
With this stamp, you can be part of this exciting moment in science!

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