SWITZERLAND (2021)- Helvetia 21- World Stamp Expo Miniature Sheet

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After almost 50 years, the time has finally come again: next year, Switzerland will host HELVETIA 2022, a world philately exhibition, from 18 to 22 May. The splendid city of Lugano, which is also very popular abroad, will host the event.

The long period of time that has elapsed since INTERNABA 1974 in Basel is not the only reason for the choice for 2022. There’s also a philatelic reason: the legendary “Sitzende Helvetia”, issued for 20 years in countless postage values, was first launched in 1862 – no less than 160 years ago.

The Club Filatelico Lugano, which is responsible for the idea of HELVETIA 2022, has an organizational committee with the expertise and exhibition experience required. A specialist event is to be held. This means that not all classes will be on display, but only proven themes, such as traditional philately, postal history and design exhibits.

The Association of Swiss Philately Societies and the organizational committee hope the event will be well attended and prove a major philatelic attraction that will also give foreign visitors the opportunity to enjoy a few wonderful days in Switzerland.

The stamp surcharge will go to the Foundation for the Promotion of Philately.

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