SPAIN (2021)- VII Centenary of the Cathedral of Palencia Sheet

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The Gothic cathedral of Palencia begins to be built on the remains of previous buildings, in the year 1321. Therefore, this year marks 700 years since the beginning of its construction.

Correos does not want to miss this special anniversary, dedicating a stamp to this seventh centenary, which reproduces a close-up of the Puerta de la Virgen or del Obispo, also called Santa María.

The coats of arms of both Rodríguez Fonseca and two other previous bishops who intervened in the construction stand out as decorative elements. The portal, consisting of a flared arch, presents the image of the Virgin on the lintel between small rose windows and a tympanum divided into carved quarters. A group of sculptures also stands out, among which the set of Saints and Prophets stands out.

Next to the river Carrión, occupying a privileged place in the city of Palencia, we find the Cathedral of San Antolín.

The construction of the great Gothic cathedral, following the model of those of Burgos and León, celebrated the laying of the first stone with a solemn act, on June 1, 1321. At the ceremony, presided over by Cardinal Guillermo, the Pope's ambassador , accompanied the bishop of Palencia, those of León, Segovia, Plasencia, Zamora, Córdoba and Bayona.

One of the most curious elements that we can see on one of its facades is a gargoyle that represents the figure of a photographer who seems to portray visitors. This anachronistic piece was carved by Mariano Otero at the beginning of the 20th century, during the restoration of the temple by the great modernist architect Jerónimo Arroyo.

There are many stamps that the Post Office dedicates to the cathedrals that are raised throughout the Spanish geography, but certainly, the reason for this issue is very special because of the anniversary that concerns us, seven hundred years are not fulfilled every day.

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