SPAIN (2021)--Explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos- wood stamp(unusual)!

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With a new stamp printed on wooden paper, simulating the material with which ships were built, Correos continues for another year to make the Discoverers of Oceania known.

This year, the label is dedicated to the illustrious Malaga-born Ruy López de Villalobos. From his native Malaga he always dreamed of exploring beyond the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounded him.

The Ruy de López adventure began on November 1, 1542 when he left the port of Navidad (Jalisco).

He was put in command of seven ships, the largest of them of 150 tons and the smallest of 50, which carried 400 Spaniards as crew members, in addition to a similar number of indigenous Mexicans.

During navigation, it is said that he discovered some islands that he baptized with the name of 'King's Islands' and that some historians identify with the current Hawaiian Islands. If this were true, the islands that the Anglo-Saxons attribute to Captain Cook's discovery in 1778 would have been found by the Spanish more than two centuries earlier. This fact could be confirmed since, in a large number of marine charts signed by Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Italian cartographers, the archipelago in question appeared.

One of the curiosities that this great explorer left behind was that on February 2, 1543, after crossing the Carolinas, he anchored on the great Philippine island of Mindanao, which he called 'Malaga', which would culminate his journey through the ocean. Peaceful.

He died in 1546 in the Moluccas, where he and his crew were captured. He died specifically on the island of Amboyna, leaving a very important legacy for the history of our country.

The stamp includes an illustration with the bust of Ruy López de Villalobos, along with a reproduction of some of the islands through which he passed.

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