SPAIN (2020)- "GASTRONOOMIA"- Chef w/Food Sheet (Unusual)

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This stamp sheet is not only unusual in its design, but the sheet is scented to smell like the food being prepared!


On the exciting journey through Spanish gastronomy that Correos has been taking for years with its stamps, this year it begins a journey through the typical dishes of this country with “Spain in 19 dishes”. Extremadura is the first stop, to showcase one of its most iconic dishes: caldereta de cordero.

Traditional-speaking, gastronomy in Extremadura is fundamentally based on simple rural cooking that has been practiced by shepherds and farmers for centuries using outstanding raw materials.

Veal and lamb raised on the meadows, La Vera paprika, Iberian cured meats, and cheeses such as Torta del Casar and Torta de la Serena are just a few of the products from this region.

With these and many others of equal quality, cooking in Extremadura features slow-cooked dishes focused on flavors and extracting the best from each one of their ingredients.

The bread-based soups are a fine example of this, such as the tomato soup, the garlic soups and the ‘sopa de antruejo’ (a bread-based soup with a lot of pork meat). The ‘migas’ breadcrumb dishes are also made using bread, which are accompanied with fried chorizo sausage, sardines or streaky bacon.

The stamp features one of these typical recipes, the caldereta de cordero (lamb stew).

Caldereta de cordero is made from small pieces of lamb seasoned with salt, olive oil, wine, water, garlic, onion, pepper and laurel. It is traditionally cooked in an iron pot over the fire.

The mini sheet framing this stamp shows the image of one of the chefs from Extremadura who best combines modern cuisine with the philosophy of traditional gastronomy from Extremadura, Javier Garcia. In fact, it is his version of caldereta de cordero that is featured in this issue.

The image is completed by an image of a meadow in Extremadura: the augmented reality that depicts the preparation of this dish and the smell of lamb given off by the stamp paper, as if this exquisite dish was sitting right in front of us.

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