NEW ZEALAND (2022)- Year of the Tiger (4v)

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For Chinese, a baby’s birth year is a big deal. The various traits of the Tiger – both good and less good – will affect just how good your life will be. Those born in the year of the Tiger are considered lucky for various reasons.

Tigers are brave, charming and adventurous. They love a challenge, to lead and to keep active. In a nutshell, they are dynamic. Yet for every yin there is a yang. The Tigers wild spirit means they can be unpredictable, brash and impulsive. They are quickly irritated, can be overindulgent and encounter bad luck around the colour brown.

The design of this year’s stamps is inspired by Chinese nianhua posters. They are traditionally used to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Ying Chu, the designer of the stamps, loves how they evoke a sense of nostalgia for her Chinese heritage. The style of the posters can be dated back to the woodblock printing method made popular during the Ming Dynasty. Typical subjects included immortal gods, mythical stories and rotund babies. By establishing a connection to this tradition, the stamps aim to help connect Chinese New Zealanders with the cultural practices of mainland China.

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