KYRGYZSTAN (2021)-Indigenous Fish (4v)

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Although Kyrgyzstan is a predominantly mountainous country with no access to the sea, its ichthyofauna is quite rich and diverse. There are 107 species and subspecies of fish in the country's lakes and rivers, among which many are endemic or subendemic. In Lake Issyk-Kul alone, there are eleven endemic fish species. The following species, listed in Kyrgyz Republic Red Data Book, are represented on KEP stamps:

- Issyk-Kul Marinka (Schizothorax issykkuli);
- Eastern Ostroluchka (Capoetobrama kuschakewitschi);
- Turkestan Catfish (Glyptosternon reticulatum);
- Pike Asp (Aspiolucius esocinus).

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