HUNGARY (2021)- EUROPA Endangered National Animals

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Wildlife in Hungary is protected by law. All forms of cruelty to, and disturbance, endangerment and destruction of them or damaging their habitats are strictly forbidden.

One of the stamps of the Hungarian miniature sheet features a songbird and the other a mustelid species. The stonechat is a migratory passerine species. The steppe polecat is a small predator which occurs mainly on the fringes of the grasslands and agricultural areas of which nests in Hungary from March until October. It was chosen the bird of the year in 2021.

Transdanubia and the Hungarian Great Plain. It has a lighter coat and is more aggressive than the European polecat. Other animal species characteristic of Hungary are shown in the frame of the miniature sheet: the blind rodent living in loess and sandy areas of the Hungarian lesser mole-rat; the black and yellow, specially protected lacewing species Libelloides macaronius, which feeds mainly on flying insects, and the yellow wagtail, named after its bright plumage, feeding

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