FINLAND (2021)- Europa/WWF Endangered Animals- Bird, butterfly, etc.

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In cooperation with WWF, Posti has published the Endangered Animals stamp series, the third and final part of which will go on sale in April. The new stamps will feature the kingfisher bird, the Apollo butterfly and the Siberian flying squirrel.

The kingfisher is distinguished from other birds found in Finland by its sparkling multi-colored plumage. The kingfisher likes to stay near flowing water. It does not necessarily migrate, but tries to survive the Finnish winter in places where the water will not freeze. In Finland, the species is threatened by harsh winters and human activities near its breeding and feeding grounds. The habitats of the kingfisher can be protected by restoring and protecting streams and rivers.

The Apollo is one of the largest butterflies in Finland. It can be observed from the beginning of July to mid-August. The species, which lives in sunny dry fields, is threatened by the loss of suitable habitats. We can help the Apollo survive in the future by maintaining sunny open fields.

The Siberian flying squirrel is a large-eyed, gray, nocturnal animal that can glide from tree to tree across distances of dozens of meters using its glide membrane between the front and rear legs. The flying squirrel is threatened by forestry, in particular clearcutting. We can help the survival of the flying squirrel with responsible forest management and protection of forested areas.

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