GR. BRITAIN (2020)- Star Trek Set of 12 & Souvenir Sheet

  • GR. BRITAIN (2020)- Star Trek Set of 12 & Souvenir Sheet
  • GR. BRITAIN (2020)- Star Trek Set of 12 & Souvenir Sheet
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2020 coincides with the debut of the latest series of Star Trek – airing on TV in January. The long awaited, brand-new instalment is based around Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart), formerly the Captain of the Next Generation series.

Star Trek is the TV / film / licensing franchise based on the long-running space opera. It has so far produced more than 700 TV episodes across seven distinct series and 13 movies aswell as books, comics and games (including among the earliest computer games). Screened globally, it has been a cult phenomenon for decades and the idea of the programmes and catch phrases are in common use. It is one of the highest grossing media franchises of all time. Its generally optimistic view of the future (a united Federation of planets that peacefully exploresthe universe) marked it out from other sci-fi series and movies.

Summary of TV Series and Films

1. Theoriginal series(TOS) 1966-69, Animated series (original cast voices) 1973-4,Movies with original cast (6) 79-91

2. Star Trek –The Next Generation (TNG)1987-94, Movies with Next Generation cast (4) 1994-2002

3. Deep Space Nine (DS9)1993-99

4. Voyager 1995-2001

5.Enterprise 2001-2005-Rebooted movies with new cast (3 to date) 2009-

6. Discovery 2017-present

7. Picard 2020-present

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