United Nations Coin and Flag Sheet

United Nations Coin and Flag Sheet

Much to the delight of both stamp and coin collectors, two of the most popular collectibles collide with the issuance of the United Nations Coin and Flag postage stamp series.

2010 marks the fourth year that the UNPA has issued the coins and flags commemorative postage stamps that represent Member States. These stamp sets are expected to run until each of the 192 Member States are represented with a stamp, which should be approximately eight years. Interesting trivia on this series of postage stamps: for some unknown reason, the UNPA did not issue a set for 2009. So far, there have been 96 Member States represented, with 96 left to complete the series.

The issuance of the Coin and Flag postage stamp series is a good way to showcase the two popular hobbies together.

These stamps also teach people about the countries that are represented on the postage stamps. If you would like to add the United Nations Coin and Flag Sheet that was issued in 2006, 2007, or 2008 to your collection, contact Stamp Center today. We always offer free shipping to our US customers and $4.50 flat rate shipping to our international customers.

Jan 16th 2017 Alex Birman

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