Tiffany Lamp On A Postage Stamp

Tiffany Lamp On A Postage Stamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of famed jewelry designer Charles Tiffany. Instead of joining the company business, he chose to pursue his love of art. During the 1860’s-1870’s he made a name for himself with his oil and watercolor creations. During the 1880’s he turned his attention towards interior design where he focused his efforts on making art for American homes. He is considered to be one of America’s most influential craftsmen, artists, and designers of the century.

The Tiffany lamp came to be by chance as Louis Tiffany decided to save the pieces of left-over glass from a stained glass window that he had created. In a collaboration with Thomas Edison, Tiffany began to arrange hundreds of hand cut small pieces of glass together and formed the first ever Tiffany lamp shade. These lamp shades were smaller versions of the stained glass windows that he was famous for making.

The Tiffany lamp is still popular in 2010. To honor Louis Tiffany and his amazing artistic accomplishments, the United States Postal Service issued the Tiffany Lamp definitive postage stamp in 2008. This 1 cent postage stamp showcases one of the beautiful lamp shades that Tiffany created. Currently we do not have any of these Tiffany Lamp definitive stamps in stock. But please check our available stock of Tiffany Lamp postage. If you would like to add this beautiful postage stamp to your collection, contact Stamp Center today.

Jan 22nd 2018 Alex Birman

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