While just a small dot on the world map, San Marino , a microstate in Southern Europe completely enclosed by Italy having a land mass of less than 24 sq. miles, has made a major imprint on the philatelic world.  Its prolific and voluminous issuing of commemorative stamp issues has been a major source of its national income and along with tourism, has promoted it presence throughout the world.

While many of San Marino's stamp issues, follow traditional postal authority themes such as holiday, religious, and scenic definitive stamps, San Marino has been noted for its innovative and imaginative pop culture thematic issues.It was one of the earliest countries to issue stamps featuring Disney characters and famous motion picture stars. It has also been a leader in promoting public awareness to pressing  social issues on their stamps such as gender equality, animal testing, and cultural diversity.

A viewing of San Marino's most recent issues illustrates the wide range of topics depicted on its stamps.  From stamps featuring David Bowie to famous stars of Italian popular music, opera stars, and musical theatre greats their stamp sheets celebrate a wide range of musical genres.  In the field of technology, issues portray new computer innovations, 3D printing, and on-line dating. 

San Marino's fascinating  topics are only surpassed by its imaginative graphic illustrations. Its stamps can be a welcome album presence for not only the traditional serious collector of European issues, but any collector seeking contemporary topics and strikingly attractive issues to a stamp collection.

Jul 20th 2020

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