Henry Mancini Postage Stamps

Henry Mancini Postage Stamps

The United States Postal Service honored musical great, Henry Mancini with a 37 cent commemorative postage stamp on April 13, 2004. The stamp was originally unveiled months before at the 2003 Mancini Musicale at UCLA before a very large crowd. The postage stamp features Mancini directing with many of his famous works from film and television displayed in the background. The stamp even features a picture of the Pink Panther character, which Mancini composed the music score for. In all, there were 80 million Henry Mancini postage stamps printed by the United States Postal Service.

Henry Mancini was born on April 16, 1924. He learned to play the piccolo and flute from his father at a very young age. Mancini attended the Julliard School of Music after high school for one year before he was drafted into the United States Army. After his discharge from the Army, he entered the music industry where he began composing musical scores for movies and then television series. Some of his most memorial scores include, The Pink Panther, Moon River, The Peter Gunn Theme, and The Great Race.

Henry Mancini died on June 14, 1994, but not before winning 20 Grammy’s and 2 Oscars.

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Apr 18th 2017 Alex Birman

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