Daffy Duck Postage Stamps

Daffy Duck Postage Stamps

Daffy Duck, one of America’s much loved Looney Tunes characters, was honored with a commemorative postage stamp in April of 1999. At the time, Daffy joined his other Looney Tunes friends, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester and Tweety, as some of the top sellers in the USPS stamp selling history.

Issuing the Looney Tunes postage stamps were not without some controversy though. Some opponents to the stamps thought that issuing them violated postal service policies because they thought the stamps gave free advertising to Time Warner Inc. They also argued that the USPS had sold out its integrity in exchange for profits because many of the stamps were saved and never cancelled.

Despite the controversy, more crowd pleasing Looney Tunes issues followed Daffy Duck. In 2000, there was the Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote set and in 2001 the Porky Pig set.

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Nov 17th 2017 Alex Birman

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