ALDERNEY (2021)- Fruits & Vegetables (8v)

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Recognizing the  UN’s observations for 2021, the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, with eight stamps beautifully illustrated by Guernsey-based artist, Petra Palmeri. The UN observation is intended to highlight the important role that fruits and vegetables play in society, as well as encouraging improvements in sustainable production and reducing waste.

Our stamps feature a diverse selection of fruits including strawberries, which are some of the most popular berry fruits in the world, along with physalis, or Cape gooseberry, which is a South American plant native to Peru and Colombia. Oranges, a highly nutritious citrus fruit, also feature, along with brightly coloured tomatoes and quince, which contain a high level of pectin - perfect for making jams and other preserves.

Completing the set are vibrantly coloured carrots, which are some of the most versatile root vegetables around; colourful peas, which grow inside long, plump pods and are rich in nutrients; and, onions and garlic, which are cooking staples in many homes thanks to their distinctive flavours and aroma, not to mention their health benefits.


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