JERSEY (2018)- Frankenstein Anniversary 3D Souvenir Sheet


JERSEY (2018)-

Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is the subject of a new set of stamps and an animated Miniature Sheet issued by Jersey Post on Monday 18 June.


Created by So-Design Consultancy based in Bristol, the stamp issue commemorates the 200th anniversary since Shelley first published her novel. The story is illustrated over eight stamps whilst the creature itself is brought to life on the Miniature Sheet which has been produced with a 3D lenticular effect.


The 8 stamps and souvenir sheet's aim was to stay as true to the book as possible, depicting the creature as Shelley describes him, being eight foot tall with yellow eyes as well as yellow skin tightly covering his muscles and arteries and with lustrous, flowing black hair, black lips and prominent white teeth.”


The 3D lenticular Miniature Sheet portrays the creature as he is brought to life. The innovative technology allows his eyes to open and close, with electricity flashing on and off around the laboratory.