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Stamp Collecting – There’s Something For Everyone!

In the fun world of stamp collecting there is no right or wrong type of stamp to collect.  Some people begin their endeavors collecting stamps that come on envelopes through the mail, while others begin their hunt of stamps at the post office, online auctions, stamp shows, with stamp dealers, estate sales, or from inheriting [...]

Unusual Bhutan CD Postage Stamps Actually Play

A tiny Asian country nestled at the base of the Himalayan mountains where mail is still be delivered on foot to mountain villages has emerged as a philatelic leader in the design and issue of strange and unusual postage stamps that push the technological envelope. Bhutan Nature Monarchy CD postage stamps, available from Stamp Center [...]

World’s Largest Ball of Stamps

So imagine yourself back in the 1950’s.  Bobby socks, poodle skirts, leather jackets, and muscle cars were all the rage.  I’m not sure what exactly was going on in Boys Town, Nebraska; but I wonder if the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club knew they would set a world record when they began making the “World’s [...]

Get Stamped Underwater or in a Volcano: The Xtreme Vanuatu Post Office

They say there is nothing new under the sun.  Well, I beg to differ.  The Republic of Vanuatu, a 900 km-long chain of about 80 volcanic island in the South Pacific just east of Australia and New Guinea has some things that are completely unique:  an underwater post office and “volcano post”! The underwater post [...]