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Do You Love the World Cup? Commemorate the Event with Collectible Stamps!

The entire world has been buzzing about the excitement surrounding the World Cup for the past few weeks. It really is exciting, isn’t it? If you’re as big a fan as we are, you’ll want to head on over and check out our amazing World Cup collectible stamps. You’ll find all kinds of stamps to [...]

Stamps Celebrate ‘Boys of Summer’

Before America’s love affair with football kicked off, America’s favorite pastime was baseball. Before Pop Warner football, youth soccer and basketball camp, baseball was the only game in town. Kids grew up going to Little League practices and playing pick up games with their friends. A trip to the local ballpark with your dad to [...]

Celebrate Muhammed Ali Through New Issue Stamps

If you or someone you know is a boxing fan, a piece of Muhammed Ali memorabilia is a must-have for your stamp collection. In new issue stamps, we’re featuring our Gambia – Muhammed Ali Thrilla In Manila collection, which depicts one of the best fights of Ali’s career. He’s been depicted as the “Greatest of [...]

New Issue Stamps: Table Tennis Championships In France

Move over football, and make room for table tennis. The 52nd annual World Table Tennis Championships were held in Paris, France this past year, and we have the stamps to commemorate this important sporting event as a part of our new issue stamps collection. This year was an important one for the Table Tennis Championships. [...]

Hall Of Famers Now On Forever Postage Stamps

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes and as such is seems appropriate that the United States Postal Service would once again choose to honor some of the game’s greatest players by featuring them on a postage stamp. The Major League Baseball Allstars Forever stamps feature four baseball greats who left an everlasting image for [...]

Mickey Mantle Hits A Homerun On Postage Stamps Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… It did not take long for Mantle to once again be called back up by Yankee management.  This time, he was issued the number “7” for his jersey.  From that point forward, Mantle proved to be a fabulous baseball player who was idolized by both adults and children across America.  He played [...]

Mickey Mantle Hits A Homerun On Postage Stamps Part I Of II

Mickey Mantle was a famous baseball player who was born on October 20, 1931 in Oklahoma.  His father is credited with teaching him how to play baseball and also taught Mantle how to be a switch hitter. He played many sports as a child, but especially excelled at baseball.  A high-school football injury to his [...]

Wilma Rudolph Postage Stamp Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… Once Wilma Rudolph entered High School, she was encouraged by the track coach to join the track team.  She out-performed everyone on her team and during her senior year, she qualified for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.  She won the bronze medal for her efforts in the 400 meter relay. Wilma [...]

Wilma Rudolph Postage Stamp Part I Of II

Wilma Rudolph was an amazing American athlete; not only for the medals that she won for the United States, but also for the obstacles she had to overcome in her lifetime. Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children in her large family.  Her mother was a maid and her father was a railroad porter.  [...]

Stamp Collecting – There’s Something For Everyone!

In the fun world of stamp collecting there is no right or wrong type of stamp to collect.  Some people begin their endeavors collecting stamps that come on envelopes through the mail, while others begin their hunt of stamps at the post office, online auctions, stamp shows, with stamp dealers, estate sales, or from inheriting [...]