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Judy Garland Still A Hit In 2006 Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… The Judy Garland postage stamp was dedicated at New York’s Carnegie Hall on what would have been Garland’s 84th birthday.  Carnegie Hall being used as the dedication venue was significant because it was there that Garland performed her 1961 concert which was, and still is, considered “the greatest night in show business [...]

Judy Garland Still A Hit In 2006 Part I Of II

In June of 2006, one of the most amazing singers/actresses of all times, Judy Garland was honored by the United States Postal Service with a 39 cent postage stamp.  She became the 12th honoree in the Legends of Hollywood stamp series. The picture on the stamp is based on a publicity photo from the film A [...]

Giddy Up – The Cowboys Have Arrived

Four Hollywood legends of the silver screen, who have long since ridden off into the proverbial sunset, took center stage again this past April.  Gene Autry, William S. Hart, Tom Mix and Roy Rogers were chosen by the United States Postal Service to be the face of the “Cowboys of the Silver Screen” postage stamps.  [...]

Which United States Postage Stamp Is The Most Popular?

Someone asked me recently if I knew which United States postage stamp was the best selling stamp.  From all of the information I could find, Elvis Presley still remains as the king of postage stamps! In 1993, the USPS issued a 29 cent commemorative postage stamp featuring the iconic singer.  What sets this stamp apart [...]

Elvis Honored By The United Nations

Each year there is a special event for the philatelic community.  This event occurs in different locations around the world each year, and is attended by many international guests as well as locals from the host country.  The “World Philatelic Exhibition” is always a huge hit for people of all ages. From May 27-June 3, [...]

Stamp Collecting – There’s Something For Everyone!

In the fun world of stamp collecting there is no right or wrong type of stamp to collect.  Some people begin their endeavors collecting stamps that come on envelopes through the mail, while others begin their hunt of stamps at the post office, online auctions, stamp shows, with stamp dealers, estate sales, or from inheriting [...]

Great Canadian Recording Artists

Recently we discussed Canadian musicians Bryan Adams and Robert Charlebois .In this blog post we continue looking at the remaining two musicians that Canada Post honored with a stamp series in 2009.   The only female member of the “quartet”, Edith Butler (originally Marie Nicole Butler) was born in 1942 in Paquetville, New Brunswick. Butler [...]