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Find What Moves You in New Issue Stamps

For stamp collectors, visiting our New Issues page is like opening a treasure chest. Every visit brings forth a wealth of precious new gems to add to your collection. From Aitutaki’s charming Royal Baby souvenir sheet to Zimbabwe’s commemorative portraits of Vice President Landa John Nkomo 1914-2013, County Stamp Center offers a wide and ever-changing [...]

Honor The King Of Rock And Roll With New Issue Stamps

If you’re an Elvis fan, or you know someone who is, you know how great it is to receive any type of Elvis memorabilia to add to your collection. Our new issue stamps are a great way to help the memory of the King of Rock and Roll live on, and we have many different [...]

Jasmine Scented Postage Stamp From Cyprus

The first scented postage stamps were created by Bhutan in 1973.  In the six stamp series, each postage stamp had a picture of a rose that was complemented with a scent of the pretty flower. Scented postage stamps have proven to be a serious money maker from countries that have created them as most have [...]

Legends Of The West Recalled Postage Stamps

In December of 1993 the Legends of the West postage stamps were issued by the USPS.  The bad news was that one stamp that was supposed to feature Bill Pickett, who was the cowboy that invented steer wrestling, was actually not Bill Pickett.  The Pickett family informed the USPS that the photograph that was used [...]

Bugs Bunny Stamp With Souvenir Sheet

“Bugs Bunny” as we officially know him today originally made an appearance as a character called “Happy Rabbit” in the cartoon short Porky’s Building in June of 1937.  From the beginning, the rabbit was intent on driving Porky nuts as he was on the hunt for his favorite “wabbit” meal.  Happy Rabbit was an instant [...]

Vatican City, The World Meeting Of Families

Vatican City, The World Meeting Of Families Vatican City is known as the smallest sovereign state in the world.  As such, the city has its own post office and issues its own postage stamps which are highly sought after by stamp collectors around the world.  It’s not surprising to learn that the postage stamps issued [...]

Mexico’s Grandparent’s Day Postage Stamp

There are amazing places to visit in Mexico with breathtaking beach destinations and fabulous archeological sites.  It is a country that is filled with history and culture no doubt.  People who have not visited Mexico may not realize that people throughout Mexico are extremely family oriented. The people of Mexico not only celebrate the traditional [...]

The Baby Zep

In 1933 at the Chicago World’s Fair, the world renowned German airship the Graf Zeppelin made its 50th Trans-Atlantic crossing. The Baby Zep is the nickname for the Baby Zeppelin.  To commemorate both the landmark crossing and the World’s Fair, the United States Postal Service issued the “Baby Zeppelin” postage stamp. The postage stamp showcases [...]

James Dean…A Hollywood Legend

He was a Hollywood legend that was filled with mystery and intrigue.  Women adored him and men wanted to be him.  He was the coolest of the cool.  He was…James Dean. James Byron Dean was and American actor who was best known for his performance in the film “Rebel Without A Cause”.  James Dean enjoyed [...]

The Three Stooges Postage Stamps

Liberia is known for offering postage stamps on a wide variety of people and topics.  In December of 2012, Liberia released a set of 6 postage stamps…The Three Stooges – The Movie. The Three Stooges: The Movie was released in 2012 by Twentieth Century Fox Studios and C3 Entertainment. It received mediocre reviews by most [...]