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New Issue Stamps To Commemorate The Year Of The Snake

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the year of the snake. Perhaps you know someone who had a baby this past year, or maybe the year 2013 is of great significance for you. Many of our collectors have built large collections based on the Chinese Zodiac, and if your collection is missing some of [...]

Australian Prestige Booklets

Many of our collectors are constantly in the market for collectible stamps from around the world. If you’re looking some interesting and historic stamps for your collection, you won’t want to miss the various stamps we’re featuring from our Australian Prestige collection. The Melbourne Cup In 2010, the Melbourne Cup celebrated its 150th year, and [...]

The Giant Panda Postage Stamp – Almost As Fun As A Trip To The Zoo!

The giant panda is an endangered species that is treasured by many people around the world. Native to south western and central western China, the giant pandas live in dense forestland with an elevation between 5,000 and 10,000 feet.  Giant pandas are considered to be endangered as there are approximately 1,600 left living in the [...]

Jasmine Scented Postage Stamp From Cyprus

The first scented postage stamps were created by Bhutan in 1973.  In the six stamp series, each postage stamp had a picture of a rose that was complemented with a scent of the pretty flower. Scented postage stamps have proven to be a serious money maker from countries that have created them as most have [...]

Greta Garbo Postage Stamps

Greta Garbo was born in Stockholm, Sweden but thanks to her incredible acting ability she was considered to be America’s sweetheart by all accounts.  Despite her intriguing acting ability and four Academy Award nominations, Greta Garbo stopped acting at the young age of 36 after a box office flop.  She then chose to live a [...]

Cats And Stamps Go Hand In Hand

It is a common misconception among dog lovers that their beloved canines are the most popular pet to own within the United States and beyond.  In actuality, cats are the most popular animal to own around the world, beating out dogs by a landslide.  Because of the feline’s worldwide popularity, it should come as no [...]

Women Rights…A Hot Topic On Stamps

In the late 1800’s, women around the world began to fight with courage and persistence for equal rights to vote in the local and national elections in their respective countries.  The women’s suffrage movement lasted for seven decades in the United States before the 19th Amendment was passed, which granted women permission to vote.  Not [...]

Prince William 30th Birthday Celebrated With Postage Stamps

We have watched him from afar through television, magazines, and newspaper clippings.  Born to one of the most famous couples of all times, Prince William has become an iconic figure on both sides of the pond.  He’s untouchable, yet thanks to mainstream media, for many people around the world, he is almost like family. It [...]

Vatican City, The World Meeting Of Families

Vatican City, The World Meeting Of Families Vatican City is known as the smallest sovereign state in the world.  As such, the city has its own post office and issues its own postage stamps which are highly sought after by stamp collectors around the world.  It’s not surprising to learn that the postage stamps issued [...]

Mexico’s Grandparent’s Day Postage Stamp

There are amazing places to visit in Mexico with breathtaking beach destinations and fabulous archeological sites.  It is a country that is filled with history and culture no doubt.  People who have not visited Mexico may not realize that people throughout Mexico are extremely family oriented. The people of Mexico not only celebrate the traditional [...]