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What Is a First Day Cover?

Simply put, first day covers are stamps that were cancelled on the very first day they were released by the United States Postal Service to the general public. First day covers are very popular among stamp collectors because they can be difficult to find, and they are also quite valuable. Here at County Stamp Center, [...]

Three Special December Holiday Stamps to Check Out

No matter what holiday you’ll be celebrating this December, this is the perfect time of year to add some holiday stamps to your collection. Here at County Stamp Center, we have a few ideas to help you get started. Check out these incredible new issue stamps: Holiday Baubles – The Christmas tree is a major [...]

Check Our Our US Commemorative Panels

If you’re a fan of stamp collecting, here at County Stamp Center, we have some great pieces you can add to your collection, no matter what you’re into. However, many of our customers aren’t aware that we carry so much more than single stamps or even sets of stamps. The United States is a country [...]

Do You Love Everything About Horses? We Have the New Issue Stamps You’re Looking For!

If you’re a horse-lover, you probably enjoy adding various types of horse stamps to your collection. However, did you know that you certainly don’t have to limit your collection to only traditional horses? Today, let’s talk about a few of the different ”horses” that we love the most here at County Stamp Center. Carousel Horses Now that [...]

Did You Know We Have Ebay Auctions?

If you love stamp collecting, in addition to finding all of the great stamps you would love to add to your collection, right here at the County Stamp Center, you can also venture over to Ebay and take part in some of our Ebay auctions. Save Money  Buying something on Ebay has been a great [...]

New Issue Stamps To Commemorate The Year Of The Snake

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the year of the snake. Perhaps you know someone who had a baby this past year, or maybe the year 2013 is of great significance for you. Many of our collectors have built large collections based on the Chinese Zodiac, and if your collection is missing some of [...]

Honor The King Of Rock And Roll With New Issue Stamps

If you’re an Elvis fan, or you know someone who is, you know how great it is to receive any type of Elvis memorabilia to add to your collection. Our new issue stamps are a great way to help the memory of the King of Rock and Roll live on, and we have many different [...]

Stamp Appraisers Find Philatelic ‘Gold’ in Stamp Collections

When the banking crisis sent the stock market reeling, gold wasn’t the only place shrewd investors started stashing their money. The value of collectible stamps started rising in 2008 as people moved their holdings out of stocks and into rare collectibles. Rare stamps, rare coins, vintage cars, antique silver spoons and other highly-sought collectibles have [...]