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DC Comics Super Heroes Went Postal! Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday… The following are covers are represented on the DC Comics Super Heroes postage stamps: Plastic Man #4 (Summer 1946), Batman #1 (Spring 1940), The Brave and the Bold #36 (June/July 1961), Green Lantern #4 (January/February 1961), The Flash #111 (February/March 1960), Wonder Woman #22 (November 1988), Aquaman #5 (October 1989), The Daring [...]

Boys and Girl Club of Canada Postage Stamp

The Boys and Girls Club of Canada has been an important part of young people’s lives for many years.  Initially, taking after the example placed by the United States, the Boys and Girls Club was only available to boys in Canada. By the 1970’s it became apparent that girls too could benefit from the programs and [...]

Canada’s 2010 Olympic Games Postage Stamps

In hosting the Winter Olympics this year Canada released a series of adorable postage stamps to commemorate the occasion. The Olympic mascot postage stamps feature various rates for both domestic and international use. The theme of the 2010 Winter Olympics was “Sea to Sky”.  The concept linked the Whistler’s snow capped ski slopes with a [...]

Christmas Postage Stamps

The holidays are here and with such, so are the Christmas inspired postage stamps.  Like in the United States, many countries around the world issue Christmas themed postage stamps each year.  It is widely believed that Canada issued the first Christmas postage stamps in 1898, although they were not terribly festive looking.  Those 2 cent [...]

11th FINA World Watersports Championships Sheetlet

The FINA, otherwise known as Federation Internationale de Nation, sporting competition occurs each summer, and is the highlight to all of the competing athletes and spectators alike.  In July of 2005, Montreal, Canada hosted the FINA games where more than 2000 athletes from over 160 countries came together to compete in various water sports.  Competitions [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part III Of III

In continuation from Friday… Once the artist for the stamp design was chosen for the Wildlife of the 50 States set, he went about his task of creating a list of the 50 forms of wildlife.  To his surprise 46 of the 50 that he submitted to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee was approved, at least [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part II Of III

In continuation from Wednesday… One of the reasons that the Citizen’s Advisory Board chose to create these wildlife postage stamps is that they found that the general public was more interested in animals than the other suggestions that were coming in from the public.  One road block that they encountered, however; is that not all [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part I Of III

In June of 1987, the United States Postal Service released a much anticipated set of 50 postage stamps called the “Wildlife of the 50 States”.  The USPS had released other large panes prior to the release of these wildlife postage stamps, but none quite as artistically impressive as this particular set.  Previous sets included 50 [...]

Canadian Air Force Snowbird Planes

Just as important as the Blue Angels are to us here in America, the Snowbirds are to our friends to the north in Canada.  The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are a military formation aerobatic team that performs choreographed maneuvers up in the sky to the delight of fans around the world.  In June of 2006, to [...]

Canada’s International Year Of Astronomy

The universe has likely fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s use of a telescope to study the skies, the United Nation’s has named 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy (IYA). In April of 2009 Canada Post issued two postage stamps to commemorate the IYA.  Each of [...]