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Celebrate the Greatest Comics with Collectible Stamps

If you’re an adult, you probably remember reaching for the comics every Sunday morning once your dad opened the newspaper. You’d spend hours pouring over the “funny pages,” and you’d laugh until your sides hurt, at times.

The funny pages might be long gone, but the comics you grew up on are readily available to you in the form of collectible stamps. Check these out:

Family Circus – Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? In this family, the kids were always into some type of mischief. However, there was always a lesson to be learned from their mistakes, and mom and dad were always around to offer a word of encouragement.

Marvel Superheroes – What kid doesn’t love superheroes? Marvel created some of the most amazing heroes around, and they’re available to you in collectible stamp format. No matter which superhero you wished would come and save the day, it was terrific to read about their adventures.

Peanuts – Of course, who can forget everyone’s favorite  - Peanuts. Good old Charlie Brown was always there, right on the first page. Charlie Brown may have made you smile, but it was his dog Snoopy who seemed to be the problem solver of the two of them. No wonder we call dogs “Man’s Best Friend.”

Can you think of any we’re missing? Contact us and let us know! Check out our online store for more of your Sunday morning favorites.

Baseball Lives on in Your Stamp Collection

It seems like only yesterday when we were hearing the exciting news stories about baseball teams entering spring training. If you’re a fan, you were probably getting ready for another great season. Now that fall is here, it’s time for players to pack away their cleats until next year.

However, if you’re a baseball fan, there’s no reason to stop celebrating your love of America’s favorite past time just yet. We have plenty of baseball stamps for you to add to your collection. Stamps like:

Our Legends of Baseball Collection – This is a must-have for any stamp collecting baseball fan. It’s a great way to commemorate some of the greatest players of the sport you love.

Our Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields Collection – How many ball parks can you think of that stood for years, only to be replaced by something bigger and more modern? This is a great way to hold onto the past, and it’s a wonderful piece that’s full of sweet memories.

Our Babe Ruth Collection – Records come and records go, but there’s no arguing that Babe Ruth was the greatest player of his time. We have several Babe Ruth sheets that you’ll be eager to add to your growing collection.

If you love baseball and you love stamps, why shouldn’t the two go hand in hand? If you’d like to know more about what incredible baseball stamps we have, contact us today!

The Beauty of Summer in New Issue Stamps

While it’s true that summer is over and we’re welcoming the beginning of the fall season, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the beauty of summer behind altogether. We have plenty of new issue stamps that can help you remember the fun things you did this summer, as well as all of the wonderful sights you saw for years to come. 


They’re majestic and powerful, not to mention breathtaking. Whether you visited the great Niagara Falls this summer, or you only had the chance to see a small, local waterfall, these bodies of water are a wonder to behold.

Summer Flowers

What are your favorite summer flowers? Some of us love the rose bushes and lilacs that arrive early on, while others appreciate the simplistic beauty of a sunflower. Although their beauty might fade, you can capture it forever with new issue stamps.


Butterflies are some of the most amazing creatures in all of creation. Perhaps you had the opportunity to visit a conservatory this summer, or maybe you were excited to see plenty of butterflies visiting your flower garden. Either way, they’re an important part of the summer experience, wouldn’t you agree?

When it comes to new issue stamps, we work hard to make County Stamp Center everything you need us to be for all of your stamp needs. For more information on our stamps, please contact us

Add a Safari to Your Stamp Collection

Have you ever visited Africa? Perhaps it’s always been a dream of yours, but you’ve been content to enjoy the animals you’ve seen on television or at the zoo until you can make it happen. When you’re a stamp collector, you have the opportunity to visit the world without ever leaving your house – you just have to pick up the right new issue stamps.

The Beauty of Africa

Some of the most beautiful parts of Africa are evident in the animals who call that part of the world home. Cheetahs, monkeys and elephants run wild and free, and our African Animals new issue stamps capture their beauty with surprising accuracy and artistry. The Mammals of Africa is another set of new issue stamps you won’t want to be without, and of course who can forget nature’s burrowing sentry guards, the meerkats? We have some incredible stamps that pay homage to them too.

Make Our Growing Collection Part of Yours!

Here at County Stamp Center, our collection keeps growing. That means yours can grow too. We’re continually getting new types of stamps, which can add value and interest to your collection. We have many stamps as a part of our Africa collection, and you’ll love collecting them all.

Stamp collecting is a hobby we know you love. We want to make your collection something you can be proud of, so tell us how! Contact us today!

New Issue Stamps Honor a Growing Royal Family

The news surrounding the growing Royal Family has been prevalent lately, especially since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced that they were going to have a second baby. The world helped them celebrate the arrival of their first child, Prince George, and of course, we all can’t wait for the arrival of Royal Baby #2!

Royal Stamps

We’re excited to be able to offer our customers the ability to purchase new issue stamps that commemorate the growth of this wonderful family. Our Royal Baby collection has a few different options available, and you should feel free to collect them both. You can get a sheet of two stamps or a sheet of four stamps. All of them depict pictures from the momentous occasion of Prince George’s birth.

Girl or Boy?

Everyone is speculating on whether Kate Middleton will have a boy or a girl. According an International Business Times article, the Queen’s health has been failing recently, and the couple plans to honor her as well as Princess Diana in the event that they have a girl. They want to name their daughter Elizabeth Diana Windsor. It is a lovely sentiment that has made the Queen’s heart swell with pride.

We love celebrating exciting current events with new issue stamps, and we’re sure you do too. For more information on our growing collection, and how you can quickly grow yours, please contact us today!

The Flowers of Gambia

The smallest country on mainland Africa and also the most oddly shaped – its border follows the Gambia River, approximately 10 miles on each side, inland for 200 miles – Gambia with its subtropical climate has some of the most distinctive flora on the planet.

Faced with increased pressure on their economy, Gambia has looked to issuing stamps in souvenir sheets to help bring in some badly needed foreign currency. In most cases, the stamps will highlight the flora of the country. The most recent new issue stamps have included such wonderful examples as the Go Tell, the Hibiscus schizopetalus, the Lantana camara and the Gambian daisy.

Gambia is not the only country in Africa that has taken this opportunity to highlight its flora and fauna on its official state-issued stamps. Morrocco, Swaziland and South Africa are particularly renowned for their annual release of plate blocks, first day covers, miniature sheets and the occasional maximum card.

The Republic of Gambia regularly issues stamps that celebrate the flora and fauna of their remarkably beautiful country. For more information on the new stamps that they release as they come out, please visit us at The Stamp Collectors Corner for information or check out our inventory online at the For more personalized service, please call us directly at 410-757-5800.

The Endangered Animals of Mauritius

The Endangered Animals of Mauritius

Located some 1,200 miles from the nearest continent and blessed with a mild, tropical climate, one might expect the island nation of Mauritius to have remained relatively unscathed by the depredations of mankind. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case.

One of the islands, Diego Garcia, has been co-opted by the United Kingdom and leased to the United States as a military base. The nation is also a major tourist attraction for visitors from Europe and Asia. For these reasons, many of the native animals of the country have felt the strains of living with humans and are now in danger of extinction.

To combat this problem, the country of Mauritius has released various sets of postage stamps to help fund the effort to save these animals. Featured on the stamps are such creatures as the Rodrigues fruit bat, the Mauritius kestrel, the Phelsuma gecko and Bojer’s skink. With any luck, these and other similar efforts will keep these beautiful and unique species from going the way of the long lost neighbor, the dodo.

Mauritius is not the only country to issue stamps with their flora an fauna on them. For more information on these and other new issue stamps, please visit us at The Stamp Collectors Corner. You can also find all manner of stamps online at or call us directly at 410-757-5800 to ask about our inventory.

Show Your Support for Cancer Research through Stamp Collecting

With all of the buzz that was created with the Ice Bucket Challenge, we can’t help but be more aware than ever of the need to raise money for medical research. Cancer research might not have a social media challenge associated with it (yet!), but adding cancer-related stamps to your collection is one way to show your support.

Breast Cancer

Before we know it, it will be October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While many women are being proactive at detecting breast cancer, there is still a great deal that needs to be done to find treatments. We have many breast cancer awareness stamps to choose from, and they make an excellent addition to any collection.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most difficult types of cancer to treat because many men don’t realize they have it until it has progressed quite far. Encourage the men in your life to get regular screenings, and show your support for more research into this deadly disease.

Childhood Cancer

Each year, childhood cancers like leukemia claim the lives of children. The loss is heart-wrenching. Even so, these children are heroes, just like their parents who fight diligently alongside them. You can show your support for these families with collectible stamps from the Childhood Cancer Center Foundation.

For more information on other types of stamps you can add to your growing collection, please contact us!

Our Subscription Service Can Help You Keep Your Collection Updated

Life sure can get busy, can’t it? If you’re like many people, you have kids who have gone back to school, and new fall projects have fallen into your lap. It can become difficult to find time to do the things for yourself that you really love to do. If you’re not careful, life can completely take over, and cherished hobbies like your stamp collections can get left by the wayside. That’s one reason we offer a subscription service for our valued customers.

Choose Your Theme - Most stamp collectors have specific themes they prefer to stick to. Perhaps you enjoy collecting stamps featuring flowers from different countries, or maybe you’re into musical icons like Johnny Cash. No matter what your theme is, we’ll help you build your collection based on your preferences.

No Hassle Collection Building – When you don’t have time to search for just the right stamps, stamp collecting can be really frustrating. A subscription service takes away the hassle of searching, allowing you to periodically have stamps sent to you automatically. In a way, it’s kind of like experiencing Christmas surprises every single month of the year.

The fun part of collecting stamps is in putting your stamp album together, right? Let us do the legwork for you and find the stamps we know you’ll love. For more information on our subscription service to help build your stamp collection, please contact us today!

New Issue Stamps Commemorate History-Making Leaders

From beloved historical figures to current politicians, we have new issue stamps to commemorate ground-breaking, history-making leaders from around the world.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best new stamps featuring cultural and political figures:

John F. Kennedy

Countries all over the globe have marked the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination with intriguing tribute stamps. Look for special JFK stamps from Ghana, Sierra Leone, the Cook Islands, and more.

Pope Francis

The popular new pope has captured world attention and generated excitement for Catholics everywhere. We have special edition souvenir sheets with commemorative photography of Pope Francis to mark his election and accomplishments.

Harvey Milk

The USPS released a 20-sheet of Forever Stamps to pay tribute to inspiring political figure Harvey Milk. The stamps feature a black-and-white portrait of Milk with a small rainbow icon in the corner.

Prince William and Kate

Fans of the royals will love the beautiful and rare photographs of the Solomon Islands’ stamps commemorating a visit from Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The lovely couple appear wearing leis and enjoying the island nation’s scenery.

Be on the lookout for unique and historic new issues, and contact us if you need help finding something!