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Why Not Add Some Strange and Unusual Collectible Stamps to Your Collection?

If you’ve been collecting stamps for a while, perhaps you’ve spent some time focusing on just one or two areas of interest. It’s possible that if has been your method, you’ve grown a little bit tired of finding the same types of stamps, and you’re interested in something a little different. Here at County Stamp [...]

Sale of Rare Stamp Could Set New World Record

One of the world’s rarest stamps, a one-of-a-kind 1856 British Guiana one-cent Magenta, will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in June. The stamp is expected to fetch more than $10 million which would set a new world record and make it the world’s most valuable stamp. The current world record holder is the 1855 Swedish Treskilling [...]

Need A Unique Wedding Gift? How About Wedding Stamps?

It won’t be long before spring and summer are here. That means you’ll probably be celebrating at least one wedding this year. It can be difficult to find the right gift for the bride and groom, and you want to get them something that will stand out from all of the other gifts they’ll be receiving on [...]

Cathy’s Picks and Subscriptions

Here at Stamp Center, we love letting you know about Cathy’s Picks and new issue stamps. If you’re into stamp collecting, and you’ve been with us for quite some time, you’ve probably seen all of the wonderful stamps Cathy picks out. Perhaps you’ve even added some of them to your collection. Now, we have a new [...]

Stamp Subscriptions – Stamps You Want Held for You

When it comes to collectible stamps, every stamp collector – whether they’ve been doing it for years, or they’re just starting out – has a favorite subject. Perhaps you can relate. Even if you’re just beginning to grasp a love for stamp collecting, we’d like to help you grow your collection quickly. That’s why we’ve [...]

Are Your Little Ones Looking For A Hobby? Why Not Collectible Stamps?

As a parent, you want your children to get involved in a hobby that will captivate their interest. Too many children invest too much time in video games and television, so it’s important to you to guide them in a different direction, at least some of the time. Fostering a love for collectible stamps is [...]

Postage Stamps Created From Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Ash Part II Of III

Continuing from Wednesday… On July 22, 2010 the Iceland Post issued three incredible postage stamps that featured three different views of the erupting Eyjafjallajökull Volcano.  Each stamp was printed in a sheet of 10.  The stamps are inscribed “Local Letter”, Letters to Europe”, and Letters to Other Countries.  Two of the postage stamps feature incredible [...]

Postage Stamps Created From Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Ash Part I Of III

In the spring of 2010, much to the amazement of scientists and countrymen alike, Iceland’s largest volcano, the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano came to life.  The volcano was previously dormant for almost two centuries when on March 20, 2010 a red cloud began glowing above the giant glacier that covers it.  Days later, fire fountains shot as [...]

James Bond Book Covers

Ian Fleming was born On May 28, 1908. Fleming was a well known author who enjoyed international acclaim and success for writing the James Bond series of books. Ian Fleming spent his childhood living with his mother after his father was killed during WWI.  By the time WWII came about, Fleming was recruited into naval [...]

A Sweet Tribute To Four Chaplains On A Postage Stamp Part III Of III

Continuing from Wednesday… The Four Chaplains postage stamp was designed by Louis Schwimmer, who was the head of the Art Department of the New York City branch of the U.S. Post Office Department, which is now called the USPS.  According to Schwimmer’s son, Louis Schwimmer was a practicing Orthodox Jew.  This postage stamp was the [...]