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Greetings From America Postage Stamps

April 4, 2002 marked a first in United States postage stamp history.  It was the first time ever that a new commemorative postage stamp was ever issued on the same day in every single state’s capital city.  It was called the “Greetings from America” stamp set, which makes the country wide release really quite apropos [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part III Of III

In continuation from Friday… Once the artist for the stamp design was chosen for the Wildlife of the 50 States set, he went about his task of creating a list of the 50 forms of wildlife.  To his surprise 46 of the 50 that he submitted to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee was approved, at least [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part II Of III

In continuation from Wednesday… One of the reasons that the Citizen’s Advisory Board chose to create these wildlife postage stamps is that they found that the general public was more interested in animals than the other suggestions that were coming in from the public.  One road block that they encountered, however; is that not all [...]

Stamp Center – Postage Stamps For Everyone

Before the days of the internet, postage stamp collectors had a far more difficult time finding stamps from different countries.  They were likely limited to trading with other local collectors, waiting for a special letter to arrive in the mail, or if they were lucky, they knew of a good Stamp Dealer. Stamp Dealers are [...]

Say OK to Oklahoma’s Statehood Stamp

Oklahoma’s 100th anniversary statehood commemorative stamp was only available at post offices in that state until December 31, 2007. So, if you live in Oklahoma and you haven’t gotten yours yet, you need to keep in mind that they won’t be around forever. In fact now, due to the limited nature this stamp, it is [...]