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County Stamp Center was established in 1953 in White Plains, New York. For over 20 years, County Stamp had an open stamp store in White Plains where customers would congregate to view collections, buy new issues, and have their collections appraised and sold.

In 1976, County Stamp moved to Annapolis, Maryland and expanded its mail order business by concentrating on selling worldwide newly issued stamps and filling want lists for older and rarer issues.

Today, County Stamp continues to fill want lists, service new issue subscribers, and buys and sells collections. We are proud of our reputation for fairness and honesty in our dealings with hundreds of clients worldwide. We are lifetime members of the American Philatelic Society and Charter Members of the National Stamp Dealers Association. We travel extensively to appraise and buy larger collections.

When asked what was our largest purchase, we answer it was undoubtedly the collection of one of our former clients who tragically perished during Hurricane Katrina (August 2005). We worked closely with his relatives and estate to properly appraise the collection and arrange the logistics to ship his extensive holdings to Maryland.

Presently, five employees work at County Stamp:

Nat Birman, the founder of County Stamp, has retired, but for most of the year actively assists in preparing auction items, filling want lists, and appraising collections. His vast knowledge of stamps is indispensable!

Alex Birman ( appraises collections and manages the website content.

Janet Stepp ( manages all Ebay auctions and assists in appraisals and buying collections.

Cathy Maggio ( manages our New Issue Subscription Service and deals directly with all our stamp suppliers.

Cathy McClung fills all mail and website orders for new issues.

Paula Howard ( is our secretary and oversees all customer accounts.

While we have grown substantially the last five years, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we afford all our customers. We are especially grateful to the many loyal customers who have maintained their relationship with County Stamp since the early days in New York.

We help promote stamp collecting working with local schools and charitable organizations. We are always pleased to introduce new collectors to the hobby and assist all our customers with their stamp collecting needs.