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Germany’s Janosch’s Children’s Illustrations-Bring Smiles!

In 2013, Germany issued two stamps featuring the children’s cartoon illustrations of one of the country’s most popular and renowned artists, Janosch.  Colorful, joyful, and just fun…Janosch’s animal characters exchange gifts, sail the high seas, and will bring a smile to any stamp collector’s face.  Don’t let this issue sail by you!

The Cinema And Movie History Collection Is Suitable For All Ages

You don’t have to be a cinephile to appreciate the Cinema And Movie History Collection of stamps that features movie stars, festivals, and other topics related to movies. It includes some of the biggest icons of the silver screen.

Humphrey Bogart

Nominated for three Academy Awards and winning one for Best Actor in The African Queen, Humphrey Bogart was also a founding member of the Hollywood Rat Pack. More than 50 years after his death, he remains one of the most recognized names associated with great acting.

Charlie Chaplin

The name Charlie Chaplin is synonymous with silent film. Born April 16, 1889, he was a comedic actor most widely recognized for being “the Tramp” in several of his films. His career spanned 75 years and he remains one of the most significant figures in motion pictures.

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll also starred in 31 movies from 1956 to 1969. When the U.S. Post Office issued a stamp honoring Elvis Presley in 1993, numerous people sent letters to non-existent addresses believing they could get the letter back with “return to sender” marked across the envelope.

For this and other collections that let you educate and share the love of stamp collecting with the next generation of collectors, browse our online catalog. We are sure you will find something of interest for every member of your family.

How to Start Collecting Stamps

If you’re looking for a hobby that combines entertainment and education, stamp collecting fits the bill. It doesn’t require a lot of space or expensive equipment, and there is a never-ending supply of material. You can start your own collection or share with your children or other family members.

Stamp collecting is so easy that you can begin as soon as you finish reading this. The American Philatelic Society, a national organization for collectors, offers some valuable tips to get you started.

  • Your first source of material is just steps away. Check your incoming mail for interesting or unusual stamps. Let friends and family know that you’re starting a collection so they can save stamps for you.
  • There is such a vast supply of stamps that it makes sense to focus your collection on a particular theme. As your collection grows, pay attention to which types of stamps appeal to you the most. You may decide to concentrate on certain countries, topics or shapes and colors.
  • At some point you’ll want to purchase an album or stock book to display your stamps. Other helpful supplies include a magnifying glass, pair of tongs and catalog to identify your finds.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any of your stamp collecting needs. Please contact us to learn more.

We’re the Preeminent Dealer for New Issue Stamps

For anyone who is an avid stamp collector or just beginning, adding to the collection, finding a vintage stamp intact, or finding an elusive stamp from days gone by is part of the intrigue.

At, we can add to the interest with an array of collections, best sellers, and new issues. From unusual sets from around the world to hard to find pieces, you’ll find those, and more, at the County Stamp Center.

On our blog, you’ll find a wealth of information from US Commemorative Panels to the Legends of Baseball Collection. We have sheets of stamps from countries around the world such as Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, and Kazakhstan, and new issues like the Batman 2014 Forever sheet.

Peruse our picks, join our subscription service, and look through the categories for that special stamp. From Australia to Zimbabwe, cartoon characters to wildlife, birds to butterflies, and pets to penguins, use the convenience of our online shopping cart to order, purchase and pay for individual stamps and collection selections.

The Stamp Center is also interested in buying collections from unusual to rare items. An example of collections we’re in need of include British and French Colony collections, late 19th century U.S. stamps, and Asian collections from Hong Kong, Taiwan, PR China, and Thailand.

If you’re stuck on stamp collecting, contact us using our convenient online form and let’s discuss your personal collection.

Do You Love Batman? Show it With New Issue Stamps!

Batman is one superhero that’s changed the entire superhero world. His story is fascinating, and his fans are growing by the thousands every single year. There have been so many Batman movies made, and it’s obvious that he has become an iconic symbol, not only in America, but all over the world.

If you’re a fan of Batman, then you’re going to love collecting new issue stamps that feature the Caped Crusader in all his glory. Here at County Stamp Center, we have brand new stamps from 2014 that include some of the most incredible Batman artwork you’ve ever seen. You’ll love the depiction of the famous Batman symbol in the sky, high above the city. You’ll also love the action-filled scenes that will remind you of your favorite moments spent watching Batman movies or reading Batman comic books.

If you’re really looking for a collector’s piece, then you won’t want to miss out on our Batman first day cover. This incredible piece of stunning artwork features the 1996 Batman stamp. The design was created by Nirlay Kundu, and it includes Catwoman, the Penguin, and of course, the Dark Knight himself. This first day cover makes a wonderful addition to any collection.

We get so excited about our new issue stamps, and it’s a pleasure to share that excitement with you, our valued customers. If you’d like more information about these pieces, please contact us.

What Is a First Day Cover?

Simply put, first day covers are stamps that were cancelled on the very first day they were released by the United States Postal Service to the general public. First day covers are very popular among stamp collectors because they can be difficult to find, and they are also quite valuable. Here at County Stamp Center, we carry many different first day covers, which would make a wonderful addition to any stamp enthusiast’s collection.

John Wayne

If you’re a fan of westerns, then you’re very familiar with the work of John Wayne. He’s the cowboy who was adequately nicknamed the Duke, and his acting propelled him to the top as one of the most influential actors of his time. Our John Wayne first day cover is a wonderful way to remember one of the greatest names in Hollywood history.

Let’s Dance

If you love dancing as much as you love collecting stamps, the Let’s Dance first day covers featuring artwork by Nirlay Kundu are pieces that you’ll be eager to own. This is a collection that’s focused on celebrating the art of dance in its many forms.

Judy Garland

Finally, Judy Garland stole your heart in The Wizard of Oz, along with many other motion pictures. If you’re a fan of hers, our Judy Garland first day covers are the perfect addition to your collection.

Want to know more about first day covers? Contact us!

Three Special December Holiday Stamps to Check Out

No matter what holiday you’ll be celebrating this December, this is the perfect time of year to add some holiday stamps to your collection. Here at County Stamp Center, we have a few ideas to help you get started. Check out these incredible new issue stamps:

Holiday Baubles – The Christmas tree is a major tradition for many families, and if you observe this one, you know there’s a story behind every ornament on the tree. Our Holiday Baubles stamps features some incredible, colorful artwork that commemorates every one of those stories in a unique way.

Winter Holidays Booklet – What’s December without a little snow? Our Winter Holidays Booklet celebrates the beauty that you see all around you once those first flakes of snow begin to fall. It’s a time of year to enjoy children building snowmen and hot cocoa before the fireplace. These stamps are a special reminder of that.

Liechtenstein Holiday Destination Stamps – Who says you have to stay home to celebrate the holidays? Traveling is fun, and you want to celebrate in your own way. If a destination holiday suits you more than going home, these stamps are definitely for you. The fun designs might inspire you to create new traditions too!

We can’t think of a better time of year to add some the best new issue stamps to your collection. For more information about all of our stamps, please contact us!

Three Special Hanukkah Stamps to Check Out

With Hanukkah starting on Dec. 16th, this is a great time to add some festive stamps to your collection. While the USPS isn’t releasing new issue stamps for Hanukkah this year, there are a few from recent years that would make wonderful additions to a stamp collection.

2013 Issue

The 2013 Hanukkah stamp issued by the USPS features a simple yet beautiful design. It shows a menorah with nine white beeswax candles lit up in celebration of the Festival of Lights. At the top of the stamp, “Hanukkah” appears in yellow. The menorah on the stamp is a photo of a forged-iron menorah made by Steven Bronstein, a blacksmith in Vermont. The stamp was designed by art director Ethel Kessler.

2011 Issue

The 2011 Hanukkah stamp features a cheerful design created by Ethel Kessler and illustrator Suzanne Kleinwaks. The design includes each letter in the word “Hanukkah” inside its own separate brightly colored shape. The letter “K” is inside a yellow dreidel shape, while the other letters are in rectangular shapes.

2004 Issue

The 2004 Hanukkah stamp has an elegant design that honors the spirit of the season. It features an ornate dreidel with the word “Hanukkah” in the background in silver and gold lettering.

If you’re looking for new stamps to add to your collection, visit County Stamp Center. We carry a wide range of stamps in different themes from around the world.

Check Our Our US Commemorative Panels

If you’re a fan of stamp collecting, here at County Stamp Center, we have some great pieces you can add to your collection, no matter what you’re into. However, many of our customers aren’t aware that we carry so much more than single stamps or even sets of stamps.

The United States is a country that’s rich in culture, and there’s no better way to celebrate that than by adding US Commemorative Panels to your collection. We have many to choose from, and there really is a little something for everyone.

For the Nature Lover – If you adore anything and everything having to do with nature, we have plenty of panels that will make beautiful additions to your collection. Our Cloudscapes panel will take your breath away with its beautiful depiction of the clouds. Or, perhaps you’re fascinated with nature on the ground. In that case we have an Insects and Spiders panel that’s two pages and filled with facts that might surprise you.

For the History Lover – Our nation is rich in history, so whether you’re looking to rediscover your family roots as a Native American, or you want to have a special piece that celebrates the greatest baseball fields in America, we have just the panel for you too.

Our US Commemorative Panels are not only the perfect complement to any stamp collection, but they make great gifts! Be sure to check out our entire collection of panels, and contact us if you have any questions.

Celebrate Australian Marine Life with Collectible Stamps

With so much debate going about global warming and environmental pollution, we bring a breath of fresh air with our new collectible stamps from Australia. These commemorative stamps from Australia are a blast of color and beauty, and can leave you mesmerized. With self-adhesive, these stamps will make a wonderful addition to your stamp collection.

Nature at its Best

Nature has always been beautiful and fascinating. The raw beauty of nature has been delicately captured on these Australian collectible stamps. They give you a glimpse into the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, which is a World Heritage Site in the northwest part of Western Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is recognized as one of the largest coral reef systems. It spans over 2,300 km.

The vibrant colors and the crystal clear waters so beautifully captured on these stamps will make you yearn to see these images in person.


Perhaps this winter when you are looking to escape the cold and harsh winter in the Northern Hemisphere, you can take a trip to Australia and actually see the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef. It is then you will realize the collectible stamps we have are a true depiction of the sheer beauty of these regions.

Come buy your collectible stamps today and celebrate Australian marine life! Or, check out new issues and purchase what you like in our online store.