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Three Special Hanukkah Stamps to Check Out

With Hanukkah starting on Dec. 16th, this is a great time to add some festive stamps to your collection. While the USPS isn’t releasing new issue stamps for Hanukkah this year, there are a few from recent years that would make wonderful additions to a stamp collection.

2013 Issue

The 2013 Hanukkah stamp issued by the USPS features a simple yet beautiful design. It shows a menorah with nine white beeswax candles lit up in celebration of the Festival of Lights. At the top of the stamp, “Hanukkah” appears in yellow. The menorah on the stamp is a photo of a forged-iron menorah made by Steven Bronstein, a blacksmith in Vermont. The stamp was designed by art director Ethel Kessler.

2011 Issue

The 2011 Hanukkah stamp features a cheerful design created by Ethel Kessler and illustrator Suzanne Kleinwaks. The design includes each letter in the word “Hanukkah” inside its own separate brightly colored shape. The letter “K” is inside a yellow dreidel shape, while the other letters are in rectangular shapes.

2004 Issue

The 2004 Hanukkah stamp has an elegant design that honors the spirit of the season. It features an ornate dreidel with the word “Hanukkah” in the background in silver and gold lettering.

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