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The Endangered Animals of Mauritius

The Endangered Animals of Mauritius

Located some 1,200 miles from the nearest continent and blessed with a mild, tropical climate, one might expect the island nation of Mauritius to have remained relatively unscathed by the depredations of mankind. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case.

One of the islands, Diego Garcia, has been co-opted by the United Kingdom and leased to the United States as a military base. The nation is also a major tourist attraction for visitors from Europe and Asia. For these reasons, many of the native animals of the country have felt the strains of living with humans and are now in danger of extinction.

To combat this problem, the country of Mauritius has released various sets of postage stamps to help fund the effort to save these animals. Featured on the stamps are such creatures as the Rodrigues fruit bat, the Mauritius kestrel, the Phelsuma gecko and Bojer’s skink. With any luck, these and other similar efforts will keep these beautiful and unique species from going the way of the long lost neighbor, the dodo.

Mauritius is not the only country to issue stamps with their flora an fauna on them. For more information on these and other new issue stamps, please visit us at The Stamp Collectors Corner. You can also find all manner of stamps online at or call us directly at 410-757-5800 to ask about our inventory.

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