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Add a Safari to Your Stamp Collection

Have you ever visited Africa? Perhaps it’s always been a dream of yours, but you’ve been content to enjoy the animals you’ve seen on television or at the zoo until you can make it happen. When you’re a stamp collector, you have the opportunity to visit the world without ever leaving your house – you [...]

New Issue Stamps Honor a Growing Royal Family

The news surrounding the growing Royal Family has been prevalent lately, especially since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced that they were going to have a second baby. The world helped them celebrate the arrival of their first child, Prince George, and of course, we all can’t wait for the arrival of Royal Baby #2! [...]

The Flowers of Gambia

The smallest country on mainland Africa and also the most oddly shaped – its border follows the Gambia River, approximately 10 miles on each side, inland for 200 miles – Gambia with its subtropical climate has some of the most distinctive flora on the planet. Faced with increased pressure on their economy, Gambia has looked [...]

The Endangered Animals of Mauritius

The Endangered Animals of Mauritius Located some 1,200 miles from the nearest continent and blessed with a mild, tropical climate, one might expect the island nation of Mauritius to have remained relatively unscathed by the depredations of mankind. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case. One of the islands, Diego Garcia, has been co-opted by [...]