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Why Not Add Some Strange and Unusual Collectible Stamps to Your Collection?

If you’ve been collecting stamps for a while, perhaps you’ve spent some time focusing on just one or two areas of interest. It’s possible that if has been your method, you’ve grown a little bit tired of finding the same types of stamps, and you’re interested in something a little different.

Here at County Stamp Center, we love celebrating stamps that are a little bit odd, so we’d like to invite you to take a look at some of our favorites from our Strange & Unusual collection.

The Porcelain Rose

Roses are beautiful, and porcelain roses can be just as precious. However, you’ve probably never seen an actual porcelain stamp before. This is one you just have to see to believe. The color is exquisite, and it’s definitely a conversation piece.

Punch & Judy

When it comes to classic puppetry, the Muppets have nothing on Punch & Judy. While every live show was different, Punch & Judy attracted audiences of all ages with its array of interesting characters and actively imaginative story lines. Traditionally, Punch & Judy was performed by only one puppeteer, but he often received some help from someone who stood outside the performance booth. It was a show full of laughter and fun.

Every stamp tells a story. Perhaps it’s time for your collection to tell some new ones. To learn more about our Strange & Unusual stamps, contact us!

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