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Do You Love Everything About Horses? We Have the New Issue Stamps You’re Looking For!

If you’re a horse-lover, you probably enjoy adding various types of horse stamps to your collection. However, did you know that you certainly don’t have to limit your collection to only traditional horses? Today, let’s talk about a few of the different ”horses” that we love the most here at County Stamp Center.

Carousel Horses

Now that summer is here, parks, fairs and stand-alone carousels all over the country are opening up for business. Carousel horses have been an American favorite, for people young and old for years. With our elegant Carousel Horse stamps, you can enjoy their beauty all year long. These stamps also make great gifts for children to encourage them to start their own collections.


Seahorses are some of the most majestic creatures you’ll find under the sea. They are incredible to watch, and it’s even more incredible to study their habits and rituals. For example, did you know that it’s actually the male seahorse who carries the babies? How fascinating! Our seahorse stamps provide you with an artistic and unique picture of these creatures, which makes them the perfect addition to any collection.

Of course if you’re just really in love with horses in general, we have new issue stamps for you too. We have a huge selection, so contact us to find out more about our new issue stamps.

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