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Excite Your Child’s Interest in Learning with Stamp Collecting

Summer vacation is about to start. Kids look forward to the last day of school, but it doesn’t take long for whining complaints that “there’s nothing to do” to kick in. Helping your child start a stamp collection can solve the “I’m bored” summer blues.

What Interests You?

Collecting stamps can excite your child’s interest in learning. Stamp collecting is a way to take learning out of the classroom and make it more personal. A family vacation or trip to the zoo can spark an interest in history or endangered species and become an opportunity to learn more by collecting stamps.

To get your child interested in stamp collecting, start with a topic that interests him or her. Use our Shop By Category guide or Keyword Search to find stamps on specific topics. If you child is fascinated by insects, check out Zimbabwe: Spiders or the shaped Pitcairn Is. Dragonfly souvenir sheet.

Getting Started

The Young Philatelists page on the website of The American Philatelic Society is a great stamp collecting resource for kids. If you’re not a stamp collector yourself, you can learn along with your child. The page has lots of how-to tips, stamp-related activities for kids and information on local stamp clubs.

County Stamp Center offers thousands of stamps on every imaginable subject and has the stamp collecting supplies you need to get your child started. A 16-page Lindner stock book (our price just $12.95) will make your child feel like a professional collector!

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