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Trio of Egyptian Discoveries Spark Interest in Stamps of Ancient Cultures

A trio of antiquities recently discovered in Egypt has sparked new interest in the country’s ancient culture. In Luxor, archaeologists unearthed a 3,600-year-old sarcophagus with the mummy still inside, a rare find. The new discovery may one day join other amazing archaeological discoveries from that ancient site depicted in Egypt-Luxor, a commemorative issue from 2010. [...]

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If you’re a fan of LOL cats on YouTube, you’ll love this trio of charming felines from Tadzikistan. Issued December 1, 2013, Tadzikistan Cats is just one of the select new issues available at a special discount to subscribers of Cathy’s New Issue Picks. An excellent way to build a worldwide topical stamp collection, our [...]

Own a Piece of U.S. History with U.S. Classic Stamps

Purchasing U.S. classic stamps is a unique opportunity to hold in your hand a cherished piece of U.S. history. Some stamps, like the 1992 Voyages of Columbus Souvenir Sheets, commemorate important events in our nation’s history. Others, such as the graphically stunning Stamp Expo 2000-5 Sheets Exploring Space, mark major U.S. achievements. Among our U.S. [...]

New Issue Stamps Celebrate Sochi Winter Olympics

The world’s eyes are focused on Sochi, Russia where the 22nd Olympic Winter Games are in full swing. Both the thrill of victory and agony of defeat have been on display during this year’s games as the world’s athletes compete for the gold. Few people have the talent or opportunity to compete in the Olympics, [...]