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Tonga Niuafo/OU Halley’s Comet Postage Stamps

Without a doubt, Halley’s Comet is considered to be the most famous comet of all times.  Halley’s Comet was named after a British astronomer Edmond Halley.  The comet was discovered by Halley, who concluded through scientific data that he was reviewing dating back to 1531, 1607, and 1682.  His research revealed that the same comet [...]

Cats And Stamps Go Hand In Hand

It is a common misconception among dog lovers that their beloved canines are the most popular pet to own within the United States and beyond.  In actuality, cats are the most popular animal to own around the world, beating out dogs by a landslide.  Because of the feline’s worldwide popularity, it should come as no [...]

Legends Of The West Recalled Postage Stamps

In December of 1993 the Legends of the West postage stamps were issued by the USPS.  The bad news was that one stamp that was supposed to feature Bill Pickett, who was the cowboy that invented steer wrestling, was actually not Bill Pickett.  The Pickett family informed the USPS that the photograph that was used [...]

Women Rights…A Hot Topic On Stamps

In the late 1800’s, women around the world began to fight with courage and persistence for equal rights to vote in the local and national elections in their respective countries.  The women’s suffrage movement lasted for seven decades in the United States before the 19th Amendment was passed, which granted women permission to vote.  Not [...]