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Bugs Bunny Stamp With Souvenir Sheet

“Bugs Bunny” as we officially know him today originally made an appearance as a character called “Happy Rabbit” in the cartoon short Porky’s Building in June of 1937.  From the beginning, the rabbit was intent on driving Porky nuts as he was on the hunt for his favorite “wabbit” meal.  Happy Rabbit was an instant hit and soon began popping up in other cartoons.  He was given a voice and the famous Groucho Marx line “Of course you realize, this means war!”  In 1939, Happy Rabbit’s name was changed by chance to “Bugs” after one of the creators wrote “Bugs’ Bunny” on one of his drawings of the rabbit.  In 1942, Bugs Bunny was we know him today, took on his official name, voice, and silly personality that everyone loves.

Throughout the years Bugs Bunny has appeared in cartoons, movies, and short films.  He, along with Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Library of Congress even featured “What’s Opera, Doc?” for preservation in the National Film Registry.  The parody features Bugs and Elmer and is the first cartoon short to ever receive this honor.

Bugs Bunny was recognized by the United States Postal Service in 1997 when they issued a cool stamp cool souvenir stamp sheet.  It should be noted that Bugs Bunny was the first animated character to ever grace a postage stamp and at the time of its selling, the postage stamp ranked #7 as the best seller of all time!

Stamp Center is offering the 1997 Bugs Bunny imperforated stamp with souvenir sheet which is valued at $29 for only $18.50!  “That’s all folks!”

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