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The United States Wedding Cake Postage Stamp

The Wedding Cake postage stamps were first issued by the United States in 2009 and have been reissued in self-adhesive sheets of twenty for 2013.  The 66 cent postage stamps are sure to be a hit once again for brides and grooms sending out wedding invitations or those who want to add a touch of [...]

Mexico’s Grandparent’s Day Postage Stamp

There are amazing places to visit in Mexico with breathtaking beach destinations and fabulous archeological sites.  It is a country that is filled with history and culture no doubt.  People who have not visited Mexico may not realize that people throughout Mexico are extremely family oriented. The people of Mexico not only celebrate the traditional [...]

Stingray Postage Stamps From Palau

Stingrays may look imposing, especially because their size can be immense. Quite different than other types of fish in the sea, the stingray is flat with eyes on top of its head and a mouth, nostrils, and gill slits on its bottom side.  Stingrays also have a tail that trails behind them.  The tail has a [...]

The Baby Zep

In 1933 at the Chicago World’s Fair, the world renowned German airship the Graf Zeppelin made its 50th Trans-Atlantic crossing. The Baby Zep is the nickname for the Baby Zeppelin.  To commemorate both the landmark crossing and the World’s Fair, the United States Postal Service issued the “Baby Zeppelin” postage stamp. The postage stamp showcases [...]

Charles Dickens 200th Birth Anniversary Stamps

Charles Dickens is a famed author from England who lived an interesting life.  Born in 1812, he was one of eight children.  His parents worked very hard, but despite their best efforts, they remained poor.  At the age of 12, young Charles was removed from school so that he could work in a factory while [...]