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A Sweet Tribute To Four Chaplains On A Postage Stamp Part III Of III

Final Version of the Four Chaplains Postage Stamp

Continuing from Wednesday…

The Four Chaplains postage stamp was designed by Louis Schwimmer, who was the head of the Art Department of the New York City branch of the U.S. Post Office Department, which is now called the USPS.  According to Schwimmer’s son, Louis Schwimmer was a practicing Orthodox Jew.  This postage stamp was the first US postage stamp that was designed by a person of Jewish descent; that commemorates a person who is Jewish.

Because of the bravery of these four men, many other honors have been bestowed upon them in an attempt to keep their memories alive.  All four men were posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross for their efforts in 1944.  In 1948, Congress declared February 3rd to be Four Chaplains Day as well.  In 1960, Congress authorized a one time only Chaplain’s Medal for Heroism award which was presented to the families of the four gentlemen. President Truman dedicated a chapel in Philadelphia to the four chaplains in 1951.  The chapel was later sold and moved to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in 2004 where it has since been restored and renamed the Four Chaplains.

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