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Which United States Postage Stamp Is The Most Popular?

Someone asked me recently if I knew which United States postage stamp was the best selling stamp.  From all of the information I could find, Elvis Presley still remains as the king of postage stamps! In 1993, the USPS issued a 29 cent commemorative postage stamp featuring the iconic singer.  What sets this stamp apart [...]

Postage Stamp Trivia

Stamp collecting is fun for people of all ages.  There certainly is something to spark anyone’s interest.  Today is Monday fun day!  I hope you enjoy these interesting postage stamp related trivia facts. Did you know that captains of ships were the first mail handlers in America?  They picked up the mail from mail bags [...]

A Sweet Tribute To Four Chaplains On A Postage Stamp Part III Of III

Continuing from Wednesday… The Four Chaplains postage stamp was designed by Louis Schwimmer, who was the head of the Art Department of the New York City branch of the U.S. Post Office Department, which is now called the USPS.  According to Schwimmer’s son, Louis Schwimmer was a practicing Orthodox Jew.  This postage stamp was the [...]

A Sweet Tribute To Four Chaplains On A Postage Stamp Part II Of III

Continuing from Monday… Reverend George Fox (Methodist), Jewish Rabbi Alexander Goode, Reverend Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed) and Father John Washington (Roman Catholic) showed grace and courage during the sinking of the Dorchester.  In 1948 the United States Postal Service issued a postage stamp to honor all four men.  The stamp went through three revisions before [...]

A Sweet Tribute To Four Chaplains On A Postage Stamp Part I Of III

On February 3, 1943, a converted luxury ocean liner called the United States Army Transport – Dorchester was crossing the North Atlantic.  More than 900 American troops were aboard the ship which was based in Greenland. At around 1:00 a.m., the transport ship was delivered a devastating blow when it was struck but a deadly [...]

United Nations Disarmament Postage Stamp Part II Of II

In continuation from Wednesday… One of the goals of the United Nations disarmament program is to end the cycle of violence so that children can grow up receiving an education without the treat of violence.  The UN recognizes that children who are growing up in areas where light weapons are used during conflict are at [...]

United Nations Disarmament Postage Stamp Part I Of II

Although we may have our own issues with violence in some areas in the United States; I still feel very fortunate that our children are living and growing up safely without the constant threat of gun violence or access to guns. The United Nations is known for issuing postage stamps that bring awareness to issues [...]

Elvis Honored By The United Nations

Each year there is a special event for the philatelic community.  This event occurs in different locations around the world each year, and is attended by many international guests as well as locals from the host country.  The “World Philatelic Exhibition” is always a huge hit for people of all ages. From May 27-June 3, [...]

Royal Mail Draws Attention To Endangered Mammals

The year 2010 has been declared the “International Year of Biodiversity” by the United Nations.  The premise is that this year, life on Earth (all plants, animals and micro-organisms included), should be celebrated.  Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have partnered with the United Nations to promote the understanding of biodiversity during 2010.  The [...]

Mother Teresa Postage Stamp Coming Soon

The Mother Teresa postage stamp is due to be released by the United States Postal Service on August 26, 2010.  For many, it seems logical to honor a lifelong humanitarian with a US postage stamp; but some folks think that the USPS violated their own guidelines by deciding to issue this particular stamp.  One of [...]