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Is There A Difference Between Definitives and Commemoratives?

A question was posed to me the other day by a person who was relatively new to the wonderful world of stamp collecting.  He wanted to know the difference between definitive and commemorative postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service.  He also wanted to know if he should focus his collection on one [...]

Stamp Collecting – There’s Something For Everyone!

In the fun world of stamp collecting there is no right or wrong type of stamp to collect.  Some people begin their endeavors collecting stamps that come on envelopes through the mail, while others begin their hunt of stamps at the post office, online auctions, stamp shows, with stamp dealers, estate sales, or from inheriting [...]

Disney Characters Come Alive On Postage Stamps

America’s love with the different Disney characters should be of no surprise.  Many of us have been fortunate enough to grow up vacationing at “the happiest place on earth”…Disneyland and Disney World.  At the least, we have all been blessed with experiencing the fun movies that have been produced by the Walt Disney Company; which [...]

The First Man On The Moon Postage Stamp – Part III Of III

Continuing from Wednesday… Here’s another bit of interesting stamp trivia regarding this stamp… Some people wonder why there were two different dates used for the postmark on the First Day Covers for the First Man on the Moon postage stamp.  It happened for a couple of reasons.  The master printing die for the stamp actually [...]

The First Man On The Moon Postage Stamp – Part II Of III

Continuing from Monday… Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the only two astronauts that walked the earth’s surface that day, while Michael Collins orbited overhead. Armstrong and Aldrin collected lunar samples, performed experiments and photographed the moon’s surface before returning to the spacecraft for their journey home.  Their important work paved the way for six [...]

The First Man On The Moon Postage Stamp – Part I Of III

Traveling through space has been a fascination for not only astronauts and cosmonauts, but regular folks around the world as well.  Those of us not lucky enough to have the experience of space travel have often watched in eager anticipation as the various space crafts have lifted off to reach destinations that we can only [...]

Marilyn Monroe Postage Stamps Will Dazzle You Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… After divorcing her first husband, Marilyn Monroe went on to marry baseball great, Joe Di’Maggio in 1954 and then in 1956 she married playwright Arthur Miller.  Marilyn Monroe died of a drug overdose on August 5, 1962.  There has always been speculation as to exactly how Monroe died.  Despite Monroe’s tumultuous life, [...]

Marilyn Monroe Postage Stamps Will Dazzle You Part I Of II

Marilyn Monroe, otherwise known as, Norma Jeane Mortenson, was born on June 1, 1926.  She was an American actress, model and singer who captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She had a difficult childhood being shuffled around from various family members’ homes, [...]

Manx Cat From The Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man is a small island that is located between Ireland and Great Britain.  The Isle of Man’s postal service was originally part of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail since 1879.  Eventually, England offered each of the Crown Dependencies a chance to run their own postal authorities.  In 1973, The Isle of Man [...]

Women Support The War Effort – Rosie The Riveter Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… Throughout the WWII era, there were many different Rosie the Riveter posters made, which featured many different Rosie characters.  During the war efforts, the Norman Rockwell’s was the most well know.  In 1942, another poster was created called the “We Can Do It!” poster.  The woman depicted on the poster was a [...]