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Lesotho Butterfly Definitives Postage Stamp Series

Butterflies are just beginning to emerge from their cocoons. Soon the air will be filled with their ephemeral beauty as these winged creatures flit among the flowers of summer gardens. The Lesotho Butterfly Definitives postage stamps issued in 1992 pay tribute to the glorious variety of color and design displayed by these beautiful insects. The Lesotho Butterfly Definitives postage stamp series portrays 15 unique butterfly species on 15 different stamps. The complete 15-stamp series is available from Stamp Center for a low $15.95, a considerable savings over their $21 Scott 2010 catalog value. Stamps in the Lesotho Butterfly Definitives postage stamp series purchased from Stamp Center are sold in mint, never hinged condition, ready to be added to your stamp collection.

Postage stamps capture and preserve the beauty of many insect and animal species that are threatened with endangerment or extinction. Many butterfly species are imperiled by climate change and habitat destruction. Recent news reports note that populations of the majestic Monarch butterfly have been cut in half by brutal storms at their overwintering grounds in the Mexican state of Michoacan. The Monarch migration from Mexico to summer habitats in the U.S. and Canada will be the smallest since migratory habits were discovered in 1975. Habitat loss and drought last summer had already taken a toll on Monarch populations. Scientists say it may take several years for Monarchs to recover, if they do.

Someday, butterfly postage stamps may be our only remembrance of these beautiful creatures.

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